Accessibility is the key

Ask any artist and he will tell you that he tends to get most of the ideas when he is not in front of his canvas. Inspiration to draw a picture in mostcases does not come when one is in front of a computer or in front of his canvas. Distraction is actually considered to be a variable that is very important for creativity. This means that it is highly possible that you will get your ideas when you are elsewhere and not in your studio.

Digital drawing platforms are an added advantage here. Most of the time we have our phones with us. Wherever we are we have a list of services and apps on our phones that help to turn any raw inspiration into an asset that is usable. This could include patterns shapes, brushes or colour themes.

Themobile apps let the artist turn the real world objects into a texture, brush or a vector shape. This allows the designers to capture the creative inspiration fromwherever they are and also lets them designit immediately.

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